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First Christian Church
Sunday Worship at 9:00 AM
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Worship Service
Sunday 9:00 am
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Our Mission

To create authentic relational opportunities to worship God while growing to be and make disciples of Jesus

what one will likely experience at our church
  • genuine greeting/welcome
  • simplicity
  • dress/attire is at the discretion of the attendee.
  • nursery available (kid activities coming soon, but kids join us in worship as of now).

  • pastoral prayer,
  • congregational saying of the Lord's Prayer
  • 2-3 songs
  • communion
  • a 30-40 minute sermon that focuses on a particular passage within a book of the Bible that we have been studying. We start a book of the Bible and then go verse-by-verse through the text. The approach is humble exegesis (attempting faithfulness to context of the text) with reflective application.

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